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again stolen from [livejournal.com profile] allieandra ... and still possibly somewhat torchwood-centric *cough, cough*

[Note: "met" is being used very loosely here; in some cases consists of being in same general vicinity/structure/building as the person]

John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who, Central Park West(!)): Royal Albert Hall (stage door post concert), BFI CoE preview screening. CoE DVD HMV signing in London, La Cage Aux Folles stage door 19/09 (4)
Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood, Doctor Who): Hub 2, HMV signing in London, Television and Movie Store signing in Norwich, Hub 3 (4)
Daniel Boys (Any Dream Will Do, Princeton & Rod in Avenue Q): stage door Royal Albert Hall post-JB concert (1)
Kai Owen (Torchwood): Hub 2, Television and Movie Store signing in Norwich, Hub 3 (3) (or 4 if if you want to include one of Tom Price's Camden shows)
Eve Myles (Torchwood, Doctor Who, Merlin): Hub 2, HMV signing in London, BFI preview screening, LFCC 2009 (4)
Matt Rippy (Torchwood, Bonekickers): Hub 2 (1)
Burn Gorman (Torchwood, Bonekickers, Oliver!): Hub 2 (1)
Tom Price (Torchwood, Swinging, The Wrong Door): Hub 2, various comedy gigs (2x Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Piccadilly Circus), My Favourite Misteaks (Camden Fringe) x2, Television and Movie Store signing in Norwich (8)
Roderic Culver (Torchwood, V For Vendetta): Hub 2 (1)
Siobhan Hewlett (Torchwood): Hub 2 (1)
Phil Ford (Torchwood writer): Hub 2 (1)
James Moran (Writer): BFI screening in London (1)
Joe Lidster (Torchwood writer): The George pub in London (1)
Guy Adams (Author): The George pub in London (1)
Mark Morris (Author): The George pub in London (1)
Sarah Pinborough (author/drunken wino slag): The George pub in London (1)
James Goss (Author): The George pub in London (1)
Russell T Davies (producer - Torchwood, Doctor Who): BFI preview screening (1)
Euros Lyn (Director): BFI preview screening (1)
Paul McGann (Doctor Who, Hornblower, 12 million other things): LFCC 2009 (1)
Anthony Callea (Australian Idol runner-up): in lobby of Star City after Miss Saigon (1)
Jimmy Carr (comedian): Bakerloo line train to Elephant and Castle (1) [maybe]
Simon Burke (Play School, The Sound of Music, La Cage Aux Folles): La Cage Aux Folles stage door 19/09 (1)
Katy Wix: Hub 3 (1)
Rik Makarem: Hub 3 (1)
Nikki Amuka-Bird: Hub 3 (1)
Daniela Denby-Ashe: Hub 3 (1)
Ben Loyd-Holmes: Hub 3 (1)
Lara Phillipart: Hub 3 (1)
Liz May Brice: Hub 3 (1)
Paul Copley: Hub 3 (1)
Nicholas Farrell: Hub 3 (1)
David Tennant (Doctor Who, et al): red carpet of Glorious 39 European premiere, BFI LFF 27/09 (1) - not really a proper "meeting" as such, but technically was close enough to throw something at him, so I'm counting it dammit! :P

Future plans:
Misha Collins: Collectormania London
John Barrowman: Collectormania London
Kai Owen: Collectormania London, Hub 4
Gareth David-Lloyd: Cinderella (Preston)
Eve Myles: Hub 4
Tom Price: Hub 4



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