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finally had something to post about, so figured what the hey .... (note: probably doesn't make a great deal of sense, and rather verbose [read: verbal diarrhoea])

HMV Oxford Circus 2009/07/17 Torchwood signing 12:30-14:00

started queuing at 07:00 for a wristband - luckily a street cleaner kindly pointed out where the existing queue of people was so was able to wait in the right place - for reference in back alley further up the street - felt rather bad for the sudden rush of people who ran around the corner around 8-ish who'd probably come later and had been waiting at the front of the store :\ ... approx 70-80 people were already queuing (according to the people behind me who counted)! spoke to a few people whilst waiting (including a friend of someone at the front of the queue who had been waiting since 2am! :| ).

store opened at 9am, finally got wristband, dashed off to work

came back at 12:30 for the actual signing, back of store was sectioned off for the event; got told to stand in back of one of the queues (in between the CD racks - picture whilst waiting:
(crappy camera phone is crappy - am boob and forgot to bring actual camera :( )

JB, EM, GDL arrived, much much photo taking and flashing of cameras ensued.

Luckily the queue I'd been directed to seemed to be the one to go up first, so didn't end up waiting very long despite getting there relatively late.

was advised to get the paper insert on DVD cover signed rather than the cardboard sleeve, as there was less risk of ripping, damage, etc, so had that out ready; unfortunately was holding both in my hand and got distracted by John was giving hug to person in front of me ("ok, i'll give you [the other person] one coz I gave her [another girl before] one, but technically I shouldn't be *hugs* [minder comes over at this point and says: no more hugs!!!] ... yeah ok, no more hugs, i don't want to get sick!") so then he took both bits and started signing the cardboard sleeve. i went to say "sorry, could you sign the insert instead", unfortunately it appears to have transpired as follows:

me: *yelp* noooooooo!
JB: *horrified, rather scared look*
me: ugh, sorry ... ummm, would you be able to sign the other bit instead? *pointing*
JB: oh! sorry! [pen had already made contact with cardboard so there was a spot] *signs cover insert bit*
me: no, no, no, that's ok, it's fine *gabble gabble gabble*
JB: can i sign both ...?
me: errrr, you're welcome to sign both if you want ... ummm, that is if you're allowed to? [worried they were only allowed to sign 1 item each for time, etc]
JB: i'm allowed to do aaanything i want! ;)
me: *flails uselessly*
EM, GDL: what's happening/what's going on?
EM: which one am i signing?
JB: both of them! *passes*
EM: *scribble, scribble*
GDL: *scribble, scribble*
security guard: please move along, this way thank you
me: thank you .... *flees / miraculously manages to get down from platform without tripping over own feet*

aaaaaaaaaagghhh :\

two more blurry pictures (think second one was right before JB hugged the person in front)

end result:

nb: have also managed to smudge Gareth's signature on the dvd insert :\ *sigh*
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